Featured Author 2018 North Texas Book Festival, April 7th, 2018

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Janet’s new book:


Dedicated to teachers everywhere, “The Day The Turkey Came To School” is a book about what

happened one November day when a huge turkey suddenly appeared in the elementary school

drive.  His sudden appearance created all kinds of excitement and it also caused people to slow

down and come together.  Based on a true story that really happened one Thanksgiving Week to the

author and her daughter, Anna, “The Day The Turkey Came To School” is a heart-warming story about

friends and neighbors coming together in the true spirit of Thanksgiving.

Comments from people who have bought “The Day The Turkey Came To School”:

“What a wonderful, positive story! Fun adventures at our beloved elementary school! A heartwarming tale for all to enjoy! Amazing, colorful art work and illustrations. Don’t miss this one!”

~Galyn Barnum, Portage, Michigan

“My three-year-old daughter loves this book so much that she cries when I won’t read it more than once!”

~Jessica Bolinger, Wakarusa, Indiana


The Button Box: 

Award-Winning Finalist in the 2016 Best Book Awards

      Button Box Back Cover     


“The Button Box” is about a family button box and the lessons learned from it during quiet special times between a mother and child. This book will make you think of your family and the memories you treasure the most. “The Button Box” is a book for people of all ages. It’s for children to learn about the importance of treating all people with respect and to value the differences between people. It’s also a story to treasure for anyone who grew up with a family button box and remembers the magic and fun of looking through it and touching and sorting the buttons with family members. Share it with the children in your lives and share it with your family members and friends.


Comments from people who have bought “The Button Box”:

“A heartwarming story about buttons and family by author Janet Sever Hull. The illustrations by artist Vicki Guess add a magical touch. I took a break from my work to savor each page. This picture book for adults and children would make a great gift.”

~ Kathleen M. Rodgers, Colleyville, Texas, author of the award-winning novel, “Johnnie Come Lately”


“Love, love, love!  I bought this for a baby shower gift for my niece.  I included a decorative tin with one button as a starter kit for her new family.”



“This beautifully written story captures the imagination and takes one back to fond memories of childhood.  The illustrations add warmth and depth to enhance the overall experience.  It’s hard to believe that this is the author’s first effort.”

~Gary Cawley, Denton, Texas

“Beautiful story for the whole family.  I bought three for Christmas presents last year and got three glowing reviews from the recipients.  Looking forward to more books from Janet Sever Hull, hopefully sooner than later!”



Which Came First?:

Winner of Best Children’s Book at the 2017 North Texas Book Festival!


“Which Came First?” is a story about learning to face our fears and not giving up even when we feel like a chicken liver. It’s also a story about the gentle bonds of love and trust between grandparents and grandchildren.  After much effort, the girl in the story comes up with a clever and resourceful way to accomplish the task her grandmother has asked her to do. Written with humor and accompanied by delightful illustrations, “Which Came First?” is a story every child, parent and grandparent will enjoy reading together!


Comments from people who have bought “Which Came First?”:

“A delightful, heartwarming story told through the eyes of an adorable 9 year old bandit in a red bandana.  Facing your fears has never been so suspenseful, artfully illustrated, and amusing!  This is a wonderful, timeless story for the child in all of us.  ‘Which Came First?’ will give you something to crow about!”

~Galyn Barnum, Portage, Michigan


“Life has moments where lessons are taught, fears are faced, and character is built.  ‘Which Came First?’, written by Janet Sever Hull, captures these moments perfectly.  With her amazing talent for storytelling, and the wonderful illustrations by Vicki Killion Guess, Janet describes the life lesson of facing one’s fears.  Through the wisdom of her grandmother (Who was my grandmother too!) the girl in the story learns to overcome her fear of chickens.  One major aspect of Janet’s writing, is her ability to simplify complex life lessons into understandable and relatable stories.  In a world that is fast-paced and getting faster by the minute, it is refreshing and encouraging to read well written stories that teach important life lessons.  I highly recommend purchasing ‘Which Came First?’ and reading it to your children or grandchildren!

~Jon Barrett, Valparaiso, Indiana


“My family and I love reading this book.  The pictures are so good and my two year old loves all the chickens!  It’s a very well written book.  I highly recommend this book!”

~Ann Morrow, McKinney, Texas


“That is the best story I ever heard!”

~First grade boy at Grapevine Faith Christian School (after a library reading for the children)